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It’s not just our ideas that make us so special, its all the little things we do that you don’t see.

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We are not just design focused. We are focused on the whole package – anything and everything required to bring our designs to life. This includes us being more hands-on with your brand from the start of your research (workshops), insuring your brand is communicated in just the right place (our media mix), right through to delivering the final end product to your door (production).

So contact us if you want to put our other services to the test.

Allow us to introduce ourselves! We are vonH • Brand Provocateur, a small-sized 360˚ advertising / communications agency that has created and grown with brands alike, starting from the inception of their names right through to the phase of their fruition. Formed in 2009 and boasting a host of diverse clientele and communication strategies, we are very much a hands-on team who makes use of a model which outsources to relevant partners in the business as and when their services are required.  This model was developed to offer the best in strategy, branding and design requirements whilst keeping overheads reasonable and only paying for services as the needs arise.

So contact us if there is anything you wish to ask, say, do, or even vent about. You will be surprised at the lengths we will go to for you.

Well, we can honestly say that we do everything. Truly! With us, the answer is never “No”; we will never turn you away. But anyone can claim that. We, however, are owning it. Which makes us pretty confident that with us, your brand will never get little once-off’s that don’t do the job of expanding it. The truth is, we insist on bigger core thinking; ideas that hold it all together no matter how small the project. We provide perspective coupled with impressive ideas and experience and we are successful because we are good at these ideas.

In the end, our aim is to put all our best resources into the creation of foundational, long-term ideas for YOU. This is something we deal with very successfully on behalf of our clients, through our in-depth strategic analysis, right through to creating relevant media and marketing campaigns. Don’t believe us? Try us.